Gym and Fitness Clubs in Nottingham

Sport and fitness centers offer a range of facilities and classes that you can enjoy in a pleasant atmosphere and hopefully increase your level of fitness and general wellbeing. You can also take advantage of gym inductions and support services as part of your membership.

There are variety of other classes, for members, designed to help maintain your fitness and wellbeing. These classes include Zumba, Box Fit, Body Pump, Abs Core 'n' Flex, Yoga and Pilates.

Getting fit or becoming healthier can seem like quite a struggle and not the fun activity it's supposed to be! Being more active has enormous benefits including reducing stress, looking better, feeling more mentally alert, sleeping better and generally feeling happier.

The Gym Nottingham

The Gym Nottingham

At The Gym Nottingham, they believe that fitness should be fun, flexible and affordable. That’s why they’re the cheapest 24/7 gym in the city so you can eat, sleep, train, repeat regardless of your schedule. Featuring more than 160 pieces of high-tech kit including olympic lifting station and a large selection of free weights and resistance machines.
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Castle Gym

Castle Gym Nottingham

Whether it be Classic Weight Lifting Training or Fitness Maintaining, we have 3 rooms fully kitted out with over 200 plus 20 kilos plates, 100 plus set dumb bells, state of the art Cardio Room and Personal Training available on site for all your needs.

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Real World Fitness

Real World Fitness Nottingham

Real World Fitness was set up to help break through the health and fitness myths and over-complications that exist. Being fit, healthy and strong is hard work, but achievable for anyone. There aren’t any quick fixes though, no matter what the media may try to sell.

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Formula One Fitness Gym

Formula One Fitness Gym Nottingham

The personal touch to training in the heart of Nottingham city centre. We're not a faceless gym whereby you swipe a card and enter a soulless, sterile environment. We consider ourselves at the heart of the community.
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YMCA gym

YMCA gym Nottingham

Each YMCA branch is autonomous, but we are proud to be part of the movement nationally and internationally. Did you know the YMCA has 11,200 branches in 119 countries and reaches 58 million people every year.
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Cinderhill Gym

Cinderhill Gym Nottingham

We offer the biggest and the best strength training facility in Nottingham. No one offers the amount or range of specialist equipment that we do. We cater for Olympic Weightlifters, Power-lifters, Bodybuilders, Rugby players and Boxers.
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