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Earthtones Sound Therapy
Address: Studio 1, Old School Business Centre
Church Drive
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Sound Therapy to support your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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I work with women who are ready to let go of whatever is holding them back and help them move forward with confidence.

Are you looking for more purpose, abundance, clarity, freedom or balance?  Let’s talk and see how sound therapy can help you!

  • Intensive package - I work one-to-one with clients wishing to make significant changes in their lives by addressing what’s holding them back and working towards the life they want. A four week, intensive programme.
  • The Power Hour - A stand-alone session for when you need a boost. In this session, we work with the chakras, using instruments to address imbalances. A relaxing and powerful tune-up for your body and energy system.
  • Mini Treatments - Whether you want to dip a toe in the water before committing to a full treatment package, need a quick pick-me-up or an hour of “me time”, there’s a mini treatment to suit your needs.

I also offer weekly gong baths for relaxation and rejuvenation; monthly Full Moon gong baths; Wild Woman Circles; Chakradance meditative dance sessions and more.

Business Phone Number: 07595 628379
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Business opening hours: 10am-2.30pm Wed-Fri, Saturday 10am-3pm, group sessions outside of these hours.
City: Nottingham
County: Nottinghamshrie
Address: Sherwood House, 7 Gregory Blvd, Forest Fields, Nottingham
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For strategic advice on your taxes, look no further than Page Kirk LLP. We are an accounting firm based in Nottingham.

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Page Kirk LLP delivers a unique approach to managing finances. Whether you're in the early stages of setting up your business venture or closer to retirement, we provide the accounting and tax advisory services you require to manage your wealth for the future. To learn more, visit

Business Phone Number: 0115 955 5500
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Business Website Address: Page Kirk LLP
City: Nottingham
County: Nottinghamshire
Private Investigator
Address: Long Row,

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Detective agency in Nottingham Nottinghamshire

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You can rest assured that if you require any kind of investigation, Private Investigator has the expertise to deliver a high-quality service. We pride ourselves on offering a personal, highly confidential, high quality service that keeps all client information private and completely confidential. We won't tell anyone what piece of information we have gathered for you, and we can guarantee to exceed your expectations with our results every time. Private Investigator have been operating with a high level of expertise and integrity for over 20 years and maintain this by complying with UK Codes of Practice.

Hire a private investigator in Nottingham Nottinghamshire

A professional private investigator in Nottingham is hired by business owners who want to investigate any kind of fraud that might be happening in their companies. Corporate and business fraud is a very serious offense, although it seems to take its time to be detected. In order to avoid financial loss, businesses may choose the help of an experienced private eye. Private detectives at Private Detectives Nottingham also help people who are seeking information about someone who has committed a serious crime against them or their loved ones.

Private detective agency in Nottingham Nottinghamshire

Private Investigator specializes in all aspects of detective work Nottingham. Operating from our headquarters in Nottinghamshire, Private Investigator has expanded to include offices throughout the UK, and has over 20 years’ experience in both domestic and business investigations it's fully-trained staff are on call 24/7 to provide the highest level of service, making us the first choice for clients looking for a private detective agency.

Private detective in Nottingham

We have many years experience and provide a complete investigation service to individuals who require information or evidence services in their case. If you are looking for a private investigator in Nottingham then Private Investigator are here to help.

Private detectives in Nottingham

Private Investigator have encountered many cases with successful outcomes, so please give them a call - they will talk through your situation and give you a personalised quote which you can afford. In Nottingham, Private Detectives Nottingham are a team of investigative specialists and investigators dedicated to exposing the truth. Areas of expertise include infidelity investigations, due diligence checking, financial forensics and surveillance. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you call now and get professional support from private detectives in Nottingham.

Private investigator in Nottingham

Are you looking for private detectives in Nottingham? Private detectives Nottingham offer a wide range of services, including surveillance and investigations which will suit any budget. Nottingham is a great city to live in and is the ideal place to be for anybody who loves excitement. Numerous things to do here mean that it's an exceptionally popular travel destination and many more people are drawn here each year, with the population growing at a rapid rate.

Business Phone Number: 0115 772 2031
Business Contact Email:
Business opening hours: Monday-Friday 24 hours Saturday-Sunday 09:00-17:00
City: Nottingham