There is no tomorrow

… Well technically there is, but the idea of putting something off can be very attractive.

We’ve all faced it haven’t we, usually on a Sunday evening procrastinating the week away saying to ourselves ‘I’ll start it next Monday!’ Whether it’s a home project, learning something new or starting a new fitness regime from one of the worlds top personal trainers of our day “you’ll be deadlifting the weight of a car in a week, you’ll be living solely on chicken and broccoli and a cup of Yorkshire tea with no sugar in it” and that’s if you’re lucky! I’ll do it tomorrow (yawn). 

Don’t get me wrong that is a massive exaggeration but the concept stands – putting something off until you either feel like it or have the inclination to do so, is way too easy. I think this has come about because of the nature of instant gratification – The ease of fast food, movies on tap and delivery companies cashing in on what everyone thinks they need to feel better right now, has caused us to become so wrapped up in immediate desire, we’ve all just become ‘get it now’ creatures thinking if we don’t have something now it’s not worth the wait. 

And that’s the problem – good things actually do come to those who…DO! I have always said to myself and my personal training clients, that good things will come you just have to be patient – and I do believe that, but there has to be action, in equal measures as being patient. Thank you Violet Fane, as much as I respect the proverb, you have to make things happen! 

It wasn’t until I was around 22 that it really made sense to me. I was about to move out of my family home for the first time, (that’s another article..) I was studying my design degree, and my parents went their respective ways, and I was looking for a new life of my own. My Dad said to me ‘Nothing is permanent, except change’ – Sincere, well timed and one of the strongest statements a Dad could tell their son. 

That really stuck with me and it helped me understand that everything in life changes, and that’s the one constant – change, but you have to be aware of it and be proactive at the same time! 

Waiting for your health to improve or your body to change for the better, without any action just doesn’t happen. Your body is a master adapter and trust me if you change one thing in your lifestyle, your body will adapt. 

Cut out meat? It’ll adapt. Give up alcohol? You’ll change. Have one less coffee a day? Yep, your body will work around it. Your body is a fantastic machine that adapts to new routines very well. 

Why wait? It might be worth waiting and working hard towards the big things in life, like a family, a new house or a new career, but for your health and well being there’s definitely no time like the present. 

Right now, do what makes you feel good inside and out. Change your diet, go for that run you’ve been telling yourself you’ll start, quit that niggling habit, and honestly you will feel better and more empowered in life! 

Do it now. There is no tomorrow.

Nottingham Local News