Scam alert – Rise in courier fraud across the East Midlands

Nottinghamshire Police have warned of a rise in Courier Fraud across the region.

Typically, these scams will begin with a telephone call from a scammer pretending to be from a UK police force / Scotland Yard.

The scammer will usually then advise that your assistance is needed with an investigation into the bank, and you need to withdraw cash to see whether they are issuing counterfeit notes.

We have also had cases where scammers have advised victims that they are due a refund, but they need to purchase gift vouchers to redeem this refund.

Scammers will then pose as a ‘courier’, and come to your home to collect cash, bank cards or gift vouchers. In some cases, victims have been asked to purchase expensive jewellery / watches.

How to stop scam telephone calls:

  • Contact your provider and make sure your number is ex-directory. 
  • Register with the Telephone Preference Service 
  • Invest in a call blocker 
  • Contact your local council and get your details removed from the OPEN Electoral Register – this will stop your details being publically available.
  • Remove your details from 

If you receive one of these telephone calls, please report to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. If a ‘courier’ is at your door to collect cash or cards, do not open the door and call 999.

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