Pantomime Review: Dick Whittington at the Theatre Royal Nottingham

On Sunday 10th December, publisher Mark from the Local News travelled to the Theatre Royal Nottingham with his family to watch this years’ pantomime, Dick Whittington.

We’ve made going to a local Pantomime a family tradition of our household and after a fantastic performance last year, we were slightly apprehensive of how it would compare. There was no need to worry though, as it was simply superb!

A lively start and being dazed by the quality of Alice Fitzwarren’s (played by Emily Beth Harrington) amazing singing voice, the show most definitely came to life with the introduction of Dick Whittington, played by Shane Richie.

Photo by: Whitefoot Photography

His combination of wit and humour for all ages was outstanding. From start to finish, we laughed and on more than one occasion wondered ‘was that suppose to happen?’ My eldest son, who is now 11 couldn’t breathe as times, as tears of joy and laughter ran down his face.

Our curiosity wondered whether it was worth coming again, just to see how different the show could be on another day! I’d love to tell you more, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the show!

We saw TV Doctor and children’s presenter Dr Ranj play Spirit of Bow Bells. He flashed back the years, with some dancing that a professional would be proud of, showing he’s still got the moves from his Strictly Come Dancing appearance in 2018.

There were some fabulous sets and moments that not only make you wonder ‘how do they do that?’ but also, how much does that cost! Queen Rat, the wicked villain was played brilliantly by Anne Smith. The fabulous costumes never fail to amaze, we can’t forget the Orchestra who go about their business seamlessly, as well as the dancers who never seem to miss a step!

Photo by: Whitefoot Photography

If not to make our night complete, my youngest son who is 8 was asked if he wanted to go on stage, where he was asked questions by Shane Richie… It was great to know what he wanted for Christmas, as he still hasn’t sent his list to Santa but I was gutted when he was asked who his favourite parent was and he said his Mum without a second thought! 

All in all, it was a fantastic evening and would my family and I recommend it to others? Oh yes we would! 

Dick Whittington will be on at the Theatre Royal Nottingham until Sunday 14th  January 2024. For performance times and ticket details, please visit the website

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