Nottingham’s own Chef & Butcher to launch The Snobby Burger

Take an Award-winning Butcher and add a MasterChef: Professionals champion – what do you get? The Snobby Burger!

2018 MasterChef winner Laurence Henry was planning on opening his own restaurant in Nottingham but sadly Covid put things on hold, so Laurance and Sherwood’s famous Butcher Johnny Pusztai have teamed up to launch The Snobby Burger.

The premium takeaway is now officially launching on the 3rd February! You’ll be able to order a box meal, that will include fries and a choice of burgers – which will include a burger that has a twist honouring Johnny’s Hungarian roots.

Johnny makes his burgers and sausages from the “best quality” meat, which is actually hung in the shop’s Himalayan salt fridge, which draws out the meats’ moisture and creates more intense flavour.

Rather than grilling the meat, Laurence is going to be cooking it over hot coals in a Josper oven – the high heat and speedy cooking combination produces a super juicy, tender burger.

After countless trials, it’s been shown to be a successful method to get the burgers perfect!

The signature Snobby Burger is made from chuck beef, herbs and spices – an amazing recipe, which won Johnny gold at Britain’s Best Burger competition over eight years ago! Unami glaze from a secret recipe is added for extra flavour, then a layer of extra mature cheddar cheese, sweet caramelised red onion, smoky mayo, sweet and sour pickle, and lettuce inside a brioche bun made by Nottingham’s Baz the Baker.

The Snobby Dog is not your typical hot dog, as it’s made with a Cumberland sausage.

There is a large range of sides, that include chicken wings, dirty fries and onion cups.

Vegetarian and Vegan burgers will also be available.

Johnny told us: “Laurence is a really good friend. We have made it pretty simple with a small menu, but keeping the quality there! It’s from farm to butcher to the magic of Lozza’s hands! We want customers to enjoy the flavours of the Burgers and still be thinking about it later on!”

Burgers must be pre-ordered for either collection from the shop or home delivery within a five-mile radius.

Operating hours will be Wednesday to Friday, 4pm to 10pm, and Saturday and Sunday, noon to 10pm.

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