Nottingham’s Goose Fair 2018: Everything You Need to Know

The Giant Goose at the entrance to goose fairGoose Fair 2018, at the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham

Goose Fair 2018 at the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham

Goose Fair 2018, takes place this year at the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham, from Wednesday 03 October until Sunday 07 October.


  • Wednesday:  5.30pm to 11.00pm
  • Thursday:  12.00 noon to 11.00pm
  • Friday:   11.00am to 11.30pm
  • Saturday:  11.00am to 11.00pm
  • Sunday:  1.00pm to 9.00pm

Entry is Free

Rides Available

For young children:

  • Dodgems, Dragon Coaster, Ghost Trains, Matterhorns, Miamis, Sizzlers Twists, Superbowls, Super Spins, Super Stars, Waltzers and Funhouses.

For thrill-seekers:

  • AtmosFear, Bomber Mach 2, Crazy Bulls, Giant Wheel, Moondance, Mouse Coasters, Reverse Bungee, Rock Rage, Sea Storm and Star Flyer which will all get the adrenaline pumping!!
Goose Fair 2018, at the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham

A view of Goose Fair at night


In addition to the compulsory Goose Fair delicacy of mushy peas and mint sauce, there will be:

  • Caribbean food, noodles, kebabs, churros, paella and crepes.

And for dessert:

  • Candy floss, rock, brandy snaps and the (in)famous cocks on sticks!!!

Getting There

Any all costs avoid trying to drive and park near to Goose Fair. If you are coming from afar it will be best to drive to one of the park and ride bus or tram sites.

NET Trams:

  • Thursday and Friday:  6.45am to 10.00am (running every 7 minutes) and 10.00am to 10.15pm (running every 10 minutes).
  • Saturday: 6.45am to 10.15pm (running every 10 minutes)
  • Sunday: the usual Sunday timetable will be operating.

At times outside the above shown trams will run at 15 minute intervals.(note: on Wednesday the regular Wednesday timetable will be operating).


Nottingham City Transport will be running a number of bus services to Goose Fair as follows:

  • Brown Line – 15, 16 & 17.
  • Lime Line – 56, 57, 58 & 59.
  • Yellow Line – 68, 69, 70 & 71.
  • Purple Line – 87, 88 & 89.

Weather Forecast

For the duration of Goose Fair 2018 the weather is expected to be dry but on the chilly side:

  • Wednesday – high of 12C.
  • Thursday – high of 11C.
  • Friday – high of 10C.
  • Saturday – high of 6C.
  • Sunday – high of 7C.
Goose Fair 2018, at the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham

The Giant Goose at the entrance to goose fair

History of Goose Fair

Goose Fair, as you would expect, gets it name from times gone past when farmers brought thousands of geese into Nottingham from Lincolnshire to be sold during the fair.

As well as geese, other livestock and cheeses would also be on offer.

Goose Fair is thought to be the fair referred to in the Charter of King Edward I as being held in Nottingham in 1284. Originally situated in the Old Market Square it moved to Forest Recreation Ground in 1928.

Over its 700 year history Goose Fair has only been cancelled 3 times. First in 1646, due to bubonic plague, and during both WW1 & WW2.

The date was moved to October from September 21 when the Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1752.






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