Nottingham’s creative community joins forces for homeless charity’s winter appeal

Independent charity Emmanuel House Support Centre has launched its winter appeal by telling the people of Nottingham ‘You Can Make the Difference’ in supporting homeless, vulnerable and isolated adults across the city

The homeless charity in Nottingham is launching its campaign with the release of Lone, a short film based on the lived experiences of homeless people in Nottingham. A public art campaign also includes an 18-metre mural, a poster appeal and artwork across a city centre bus and tram.

Short film Lone

On Friday 6th November at 7pm, Emmanuel House will release Lone, a short film based on the lived experiences of homeless people in Nottingham. From the directors of BBC One’s Soul Boy, Luke Radford and Toby Curson, Lone stars award-winning Television Workshop actor Justine Emma Moore, as well as Emmanuel House staff and beneficiaries. The first-person narration was written by playwright Sophie Ellerby.

The film was commissioned to raise awareness of Emmanuel House and it tells the story of Gemma, a young woman who becomes homeless when the relationships with the people closest to her break down. Whilst living on the streets Gemma is told about Emmanuel House from where she is able to take her first steps out of homelessness.

The 30-second trailer is available to watch on the Emmanuel House website and the full 9-minute film is being premiered on Zoom from 6pm and will be available on the Emmanuel House website from 7pm.

Emmanuel House Winter Appeal

Denis Tully, CEO at Emmanuel House, said: “Our winter appeal is one of our most important fundraising events – we need it to sustain the running of the charity all year round. Emmanuel House could be at risk of a £70,000 shortfall in our core income this year as a result of the pandemic. Our sources of income and community fundraising have drastically been reduced. We rely on donations from individuals, businesses, faith groups and communities and without these all Emmanuel House does would not be possible. 

“If there was ever a time we need hope it’s now. We are likely to go through a winter struggling to make sense of it all and not least dealing with the threat of job losses and mental health challenges. Homelessness has not gone away and if anything it has become a greater scourge than it was six months ago.

“Many Nottingham agencies are working hard to overcome homelessness. Emmanuel House’s role is still to do everything possible to prevent people becoming homeless and to support people who are homeless into accommodation. To make a difference for one person is significant and every month we make a difference for many.”

Since it re-opened in July, Emmanuel House’s drop-in centre has supported 165 individuals who made 450 visits the centre and has supported 22 people into accommodation. The support team provided 90 sessions of benefits advice, resulting in 11 people receiving their full benefit entitlement. Since the night shelter moved into a local hotel on 27th March 2020 in response to the Government’s ‘Everybody In’ initiative, the charity has supported a total of 200 guests and rough sleepers, providing them with shelter, food, support and en-suite facilities. As a result of the quality of care from all involved, 96 people have moved on from the hotel.

‘You Can Make The Difference’ art appeal

A public art campaign will spread a wave of colourful positivity across Nottingham. Emmanuel House commissioned local designer Elroy the Artist to design a poster and mural with the message “you can make the difference” to spread a positive message of hope and communicate the difference supporters can make to the charity’s work, as well as the difference they can make to their community. Elroy has painted a mural onto the front of the Goose Gate centre, bringing art, positivity and colour to the streets of Hockley. 

The design can be spotted in the windows of Nottingham businesses and soon it will be seen on a city centre double decker bus and tram, thanks to the support of Nottingham City Transport, Nottingham Express Transit and Keolis. 

Denis added: “We have collaborated with some truly brilliant creatives this year to communicate the positive work we do at Emmanuel House. ‘You make the difference’ is something I so often say to our staff, supporters and volunteers. We want this artwork to be as encouraging as possible. It’s important that the design has a positive impact on passers by.”

Individuals can support the winter appeal in the following ways:
· Make a financial donation to contribute to the running of Emmanuel House’s services via VirginMoney or make a bank transfer.
· Text 70450 to donate £5 (texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message).
· Share the trailer of Lone and direct people to watch the full film on the Emmanuel House website.
· Share the campaign artwork on social media.
· Download the poster, print it off and put it in your window (suggested donation welcome).
· Request an A3 poster and we’ll send it out to you (suggested donation welcome)

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