Nottingham taxi firm helps 160 restaurants reach customers during lockdown

DG Cars carries out 3,000 deliveries a week on average to support local businesses.

Nottingham taxi firm DG Cars has been helping local restaurants stay afloat during the pandemic through the launch of a new delivery service.

Local eateries and taxi drivers were hit hard by lockdown restrictions, which prevented people from eating out. Restaurants were left without custom and taxi drivers were also desperate to pick up work after passenger numbers plummeted.

In response, DG Cars decided to launch a new delivery service that would enable local restaurants to reach people in their homes and allow taxi drivers to find a new source of jobs.

The initiative has been such a success that the taxi firm is now working with over 160 restaurants across Nottingham and Derby, with around 3,000 delivery jobs being passed through to drivers each week.

Restaurant customers simply order online or over the phone. The delivery element is then entered into Delivery Point, a technology platform developed by Autocab, which allocates the work to local DG Cars drivers.

Instead of losing drivers during lockdown, the new service has enabled DG Cars to onboard an additional 175 drivers. The taxi firm is now planning to extend the service to the retail sector, to help them get goods out to customers.

Omair Javaid, Director at DG Cars, said: “In a difficult economic climate, this has been a fantastic way for us to support local businesses and connect the community.

“It has also opened up doors for our business – it’s enabled us to provide a new opportunity to our drivers, who have been struggling due to the lack of traditional passenger and corporate work.

“We plan to continue rolling out the service in the months to come. Many vulnerable people are currently relying on deliveries, so the more businesses we can work with, the better for them in terms of the options they have available.”

Ryan Schofield, Head of Internal Business Development at Chao Chao, a franchise takeaway with sites in Arnold and West Bridgford, which has been using DG’s delivery service, said: “Working with DG has solved many problems for us – we were struggling to find enough drivers to fulfil our orders during busy periods.

“With access to a huge network of drivers, we now know orders will be collected quickly – and food will arrive with our customers as fresh as it did when it left our premises.”

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