Nottingham social media expert turns fiction author

A social media content specialist from Sherwood has shown his writing skills are not just limited to Twitter and Facebook after publishing his first book of fictional short stories. 

Paralysis is written by Stuart Tongue (26), who works at Digital PR Agency Tank. Described as ‘a little book of nightmares’, it features a collection of 38 short stories inspired by dreams, nightmares and anxieties. 

Stuart teamed up with local artist Laura Theilmann Nielson to create the illustrations for the book. 

Available on Amazon in either paperback or Kindle versions, copies have already been sold internationally, including orders from France, Spain, USA and Canada. 

For Stuart, the publishing of Paralysis is the culmination of almost a decade of work, “I originally started writing flash fiction as part of my creative writing course at the University of Derby. A few years later, I revisited the stories and started expanding them. 

“I’ve suffered sleep paralysis and anxiety for many years and the stories have been based on these experiences and some of the related dreams and nightmares. I used horror as a way of desensitising some of my anxieties, so my work is certainly inspired by elements of classic, modern and b-movie horror too. 

“The project started as something just for myself, fictionalising my thoughts, but being able to share the stories with other people is exciting and also really scary at the same time. For some reason, I’m just amazed every time I get an order!” 

Stuart has already started work on his second collection, which will act as a continuation of Paralysis. 

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