Nottingham Council House lights up for World Alzheimer’s Day

Nottingham Council House was illuminated orange on Monday 21st September for World Alzheimer’s Day, in support of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s #ShareTheOrange campaign.

The colour orange is used symbolically to represent how the damage to a brain with Alzheimer’s can leave it weighing about 140g less than a healthy one – about the weight of an orange.

1 in 5 UK adults believe incorrectly that dementia is an inevitable part of aging. Alzheimer’s Research UK’s ‘Share the Orange’ campaign aims to highlight that physical diseases cause dementia, most commonly Alzheimer’s disease, and that research can find a cure with support from the public. Public misconception that dementia is inevitable makes it more difficult to fundraise, the charity has said.

World Alzheimer’s Day takes place annually on 21st September, but the public can get involved with Alzheimer’s Research UK’s #ShareTheOrange campaign at any time by visiting and watching the 2 minute campaign video featuring Samuel L Jackson.

To get involved with supporting the work of Alzheimer’s Research UK in Nottingham, contact Naomi Walters, Regional Fundraising Officer, on

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