New independent audiology clinic in Nottingham

Hear to help you here.

Former senior university lecturer in audiology and expert audiologist, Dr. Jeff Davies has launched his independent hearing & tinnitus clinic here in the heart of Nottingham. Situated on The Ropewalk, Ear Care Specialists a range of specialist audiology services.  

With NHS waiting times still soaring from the pandemic and many GP’s no longer offering services such as ear wax removal, Ear Care Specialists have seen a continued rise in patient referrals and bookings. Many patients see Dr. Jeff for ear wax removal (microsuction), hearing loss and tinnitus assessment, BPPV management, tinnitus support and bespoke hearing aid management.  

Hearing loss is a common and invisible disability which affects 1 in 6 UK adults. Not only does it impact communication, it is also linked with declining mental health, tinnitus and even increased risk of falls. Whilst around 2 million adults in the UK wear hearing aids, some 6 million more could benefit from them. Luckily, some types of hearing loss can be treated e.g. conductive hearing loss caused by wax impaction, and others can be well managed through hearing aids e.g. sensorineural hearing loss caused by the natural ageing process or induced through noise exposure.  

In today’s modern digital era, it is reassuring to know that hearing aid technologies have advanced accordingly. Our very latest hearing aid technologies offer users a wealth of sophisticated features such as: rechargeability, smart phone connectivity/controllability and listening programs which can be adapt to your acoustic environment. It’s safe to say that hearing aids have evolved.  Ear Care Specialists are far from your average high street hearing aid dispenser. We marry our passion for exceptional care with truly unrivalled audiological expertise and state of the art equipment. 

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