Local astronomer captures solar eclipse

On June 10th the British Isle was treated to an annular partial eclipse which took place between 10am and 12:30pm, and an astronomer has captured the scene from Nottinghamshire.

Astronomer Michael Knowles from Mansfield photographed and documented the experience this morning, managing to still capture the eclipse despite the cloudy overcast. He said, “I made an effort in intermittent cloud weather to capture pictures and witness this astronomical event.

“A partial eclipse is when the Moon transits between the Earth and the Sun obscuring the Sun light. As England was not on the central eclipse track on this occasion, observers saw a smaller percentage of the disc covered.

“The central eclipse corridor path tracked through Greenland, Russia, and Northern Canada where observers saw a full total eclipsed disk barring its circumference edges of a fiery ring. This is due to the Moon orbital position is currently at apogee (meaning furthest away from the Earth) and therefore the Sun disk was not 100% covered and this is why it is termed as an annular total solar eclipse.

“The partial eclipse commenced in Nottinghamshire at 10:08am. Full eclipse was at 11:14am and finished at 12:26pm.”

Michael’s images were taken with a DSLR camera and 300mm lens plus a filter.

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