Kids Against Plastic launch Nottinghamshire Challenge for primary schools

In order to help schools achieve the ‘Plastic Clever’ status, Kids Against Plastic will provide resources and support, including a web-based map of ‘live’ progress per local Borough / District as well as school by school as they progress through the levels of the Plastic Clever Schools: Nottingham Challenge.

The Challenge opens for registrations on the 7th of July (World Chocolate Day) and the first 50 schools that register will receive a small box of plastic clever, handmade chocolates for the lead teacher. Then, throughout September, October, and November 2021, schools can work through the Challenge levels, submitting specific evidence along the way to demonstrate their efforts in eliminating single-use plastic items. Kids Against Plastic has also listed prizes to be won (for both teachers and schools), to keep the participants motivated and keen.

All schools which manage to reduce their single-use plastics, and achieve a Plastic Clever status before the start of December 2021, will receive a celebration bundle. They’ll also be invited to a celebratory event for the chance to receive an award in recognition of their contribution to this important cause.

Amy said: “Our challenge for schools aims to help them reach the government targets set for them in an easier and more fun and engaging way for the teachers and students, while also helping them take steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly as a whole, which we believe is super important.”

“The last year has been tough for schools, but we’re hoping that our Challenge will be a way to bring the school community together behind a common goal here in Nottinghamshire, as well as making a positive difference through a reduction in single-use plastic.”

Founders Amy and Ella have released a ‘Be Plastic Clever’ book to help educate young people on important matters such as climate change and plastic pollution, and hopefully help them find their voice in fighting these issues. Amy has also featured on Blue Peter to help spread the Kids Against Plastic message and spoken in the United Nations HQ in Geneva.

Plastic Clever Schools is a positive step forwards in driving change, and the 2021 Nottinghamshire Challenge is a reusable blueprint; one that other counties can adopt and adapt once Nottinghamshire has trail-blazed the way.

The challenge itself is also ‘recyclable,’ with plans in 2022 to build on the first challenge with a ‘Plastic Clever+’ challenge for primary and secondary schools and youth groups. Making this a regular event will keep dedication up and helps further Nottinghamshire schools’ commitment to eliminating non- essential plastics.

More examples of Amy and Ella’s efforts can be found on the Kids Against Plastics website here: 

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