Hucknall Flying High Academy children explore friendship and courage following Stephen Lawrence Day assembly

Children at Hucknall Flying High Academy have been exploring friendship and courage following an assembly to mark Stephen Lawrence Day.

Photograph: Head Teacher Karl Clowery with children of Hucknall Flying High Academy and their designs concerning courage and friendship inspired by National Stephen Lawrence Day. Photo credits Lou Brimble

Each year on April 22nd, the National Stephen Lawrence Day marks the anniversary of his tragic death in an unprovoked attack, and which has since led to fundamental changes to the law and police practice and changes in attitudes to racism and discrimination both culturally and in equalities legislation.

Year 4 Teacher Debbie Newton said the children held an assembly to mark the day, followed by work looking at the courage of Mr Lawrence’s family following his death, and the resilience of Baroness Lawrence, Stephen’s Mother, in the pursuit of justice.

“Following our assembly children completed activities focused on what friendship means and what friends should do to support one another. We had already held an assembly which explored how Baroness Lawrence was courageous, and we looked at ways that they could be courageous too. This led into discussions and work on friends being supportive of each other and doing the right thing.

“The children were really engaged with Stephen’s story and felt that something like that should never happen again and were immersed in creating their posters to show how friends could help to prevent this.”

Pupil Rose Hancocks of year 4 said that the design she chose for her poster contained messages she felt were important. “I have enjoyed designing my picture and put in messages saying that we should all be kind and help one another.”

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