Horsendale Primary School sisters used lockdown to help Babbington Rescue

Sisters from Horsendale Primary School in Nuthall say they used some of their lockdown time to raise money for a local animal charity. 

Rosie (Year 1) and Alice (Year 3) said they came upon the idea after talking to their Dad. Alice said “We were at home and did our schoolwork in the morning and played outside in the afternoon. We played shops quite a lot. My Dad told us about the dog shelter running out of money and we were sad. We asked if we could donate our pocket money.  So, we were really well behaved and saved our pocket money the next week for the dog shelter.” 

Rosie said they are pleased at the success of their idea. “We were missing our friends and liked playing at shops so we asked our parents if we could do a shop at the front of our house. We hoped maybe our friends would come past on their walks and buy something. We wanted to give all the money to the dogs.

“Everyone was at home because of the virus so when they found out what we were doing, lots of people came. It was a really hot day and we had to stand right back because of the virus but we raised lots of money so the dogs could get some food!”

Alice and Rosie managed to raise £450 for Babbington Rescue based at Awsworth, Nottingham. 

To find out more about Babbington Rescue, follow the link:

Nottingham Local News