Hillside Primary & Nursery School children inspired by ‘healthy hearts’ topic raise funds for a community defibrillator

Original target of £1000 smashed as total rises to £2300!

Photograph: Teachers and children took part in fundraising events.

Children at Hillside Primary & Nursery School in Hucknall have been raising money for a defibrillator to be located on the school gates following their work on a ‘Healthy Hearts’ topic.

Their ‘Healthy Hearts’ topic looked at the form and function of hearts and how to keep them healthy and as part of their work, children also held a virtual meeting with a gentleman who suffers from a heart condition to learn more.

Teacher Callum Tyler explained, “The discussions during the topic prompted a conversation about defibrillators and how important they can be in life saving within a community like Hucknall. Children were keen to help and so Teachers set the challenge of raising £1000 so that we could have a defibrillator located on the school gates at Hillside.”

Charged with the planning and fundraising were Hillside Primary & Nursery School’s Year 6 children, who organised a series of events to raise the £1000 necessary for the lifesaving kit. Mr Tyler said, “The Year 6 planning team have done everything from organising events to be age appropriate so everyone in school can take a part, -to advertising the event with families and the community.”

Pupil Lewis Boothby (Yr6) said, “The defibrillator is for our community so if anyone has a cardiac arrest then they can get to one really quickly. At the moment the nearest defibrillator is 7 minutes away and we thought people should be able to reach one quicker. We have planned a few events including a whole school fun day where you pay £1 to wear the clothes you want, and also an obstacle course for everyone to have a go at.”

Alex Humphreys (Yr6) also helped to plan events and said, “We have done a different activity for each year group so that everyone can have a go. We have hurdles and jumping activities and a bean bag toss today. We also have a ‘guess the name of the Teddy’ and guessing how many sweets are in the jar competition.”

“We needed £1000 for the defibrillator which is such a good idea because then at least our community can reach one easily. We have contacted local businesses to tell them what we are doing and also told parents and there are a lot of kind-hearted people who are helping us to raise the money needed. We are determined to hit our target!”

Now the school says its running total for the fundraising has doubled the original target and is currently at £2300 allowing children to fund a second defibrillator to serve the Hucknall community. On hearing about children’s efforts, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service donated a defibrillator case to the school.

Mr Tyler said, “We have been very pleasantly surprised by how many families have rallied behind this cause. The Year 6 children organised everything and we hit our target very quickly, in the main because the children planned the fundraising events so well and people have been so generous. We have had a conversation about what we would do if we go over the target, and we talked about potentially buying a second defibrillator and donating it to another school in Hucknall. At this point we have raised about £2300!”

Hillside Primary & Nursery School have set up a Just Giving page at: https://justgiving.com/crowdfunding/hillsideyear6 for anyone wishing to contribute to the effort.

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