Fun Family-Friendly Things To Do In Nottingham

Nestled in the hills on the north bank of the River Trent, is a small county town called Nottingham. Known as the “Queen of the Midlands”, Nottingham has had a reputation for being an important trade hub and manufacturing center for much of London and the surrounding area. Today, however, Nottingham is better known for its culture and as being one of the UK’s top destinations for food, festivals and fun things to see and do!

Whether you are new to Nottingham, or you have lived in the area your whole life and want to find something different to do, there is always something new to experience. We are going to share some of the best things to do in Nottingham this summer that are family-friendly and a lot of fun!

5 Fun Things To Do In Nottingham

Wollaton Hall and Park- constructed in the 16th century, Wollaton Hall is an Elizabethan country house which has been converted into Nottingham’s Natural History Museum. The beautiful parkland which surrounds the hall is known for its many festivals, sporting events and rock concerts.

The City of Caves- far beneath the city, there is an adventure that awaits those who are truly brave. More than 450 caves lie beneath Nottingham just waiting to be explored. One especially popular cave is the 322-foot-long Mortimer’s Hole which lies directly below Nottingham Castle.

Old Market Square- whether you are a tourist or a local, Nottingham’s Old Market Square should be your first stop this weekend. One of the largest such public spaces in the UK, you can find a wide range of useful information about the city and the area around it. With plenty of shopping and some fine local cafes, the Old Market Square is a popular spot throughout the week.

The Great Central Railway- travelling between Ruddington Fields station to East Leake and Loughborough, the Great Central Railway is the perfect family adventure! There are many fully restored steam and diesel train engines, fully-functioning workshops, vintage buses, a café, shops and a miniature railway layout. This is a must-see attraction for any railway enthusiast!

Sherwood Forest- from Nottingham Castle, you will take Robin Hood Way past many Robin Hood-themed attractions until you reach the legendary Sherwood Forest. Among the many attractions you will see along the way include Clumber Country Park, Rufford Abbey, Robin Hood Hills, Thieves Wood and Fountain Dale. Once you arrive at Sherwood Forest, you will find even more to see, do and experience. From the week-long Robin Hood Festival and Sherwood Forest Art and Craft Centre, to the 1,000-year-old Major Oak and Thynghowe, a medieval meeting place, Sherwood Forest will be the highlight of your visit to Nottingham!

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