Extra Care scheme offers new lease of life – and love – for Strelley resident

After struggling with her health for 15 years, 61-year-old Trisha Green has been able to transform her life with the help of Housing 21’s Seagrave Court, an independent living scheme where people receive care in their own apartments, in Strelley, Nottingham. She’s now found independence… and love!

After working for years as a health care assistant, Trisha Green, who is originally from London, became extremely unwell and had to give up her job to move in with her daughter in Nottingham. When her daughter later had to move to China for work, Trisha moved into a bungalow offered by the Council, but her health continued to deteriorate.

After suffering a few dangerous falls in her home, and spending a number of weeks in hospital, Trisha was deemed as being unsafe to return home and was moved into a nursing home at the age of 58. It was at this point that Trisha decided that this was not how she wanted the rest of her life to be – she set out to improve her health and worked tirelessly to increase her strength with physio and rehabilitation classes.

Trisha was told about Housing 21’s Seagrave Court – a local Extra Care scheme offering independent living in contemporary apartments, with care and support on site and access to a range of quality communal facilities to support residents.

Trisha reflects: “I knew that I wanted to live independently again – I was only 58 and honestly felt that I could get better and improve my mobility, but that I would probably always need a little bit of extra support on hand. The nursing home manager told me about Seagrave Court and it sounded ideal. I would have my own front door – control over where I went, when I went and who was invited into my home – but I would also have access to shared facilities that meant I would never be lonely or unsafe.”

Trisha moved into Seagrave Court and though initially feeling shy and reserved, she soon started to get involved with lots of the activities on offer – even setting up her own knitting group, learning to play the guitar and discovering a hidden talent as an artist. 

A few months after her arrival, when Trisha was asked to show another resident, Derek, a demo of her custom-made electric wheelchair, things began to take an unexpected turn.

Trisha and Derek, 67, began to spend lots of time together and when Trisha announced she would love to watch the new Mary Poppins film but didn’t want to go alone, Derek stepped in and offered to accompany her. Romance blossomed and after getting engaged last year, the couple plan to tie the knot later this year. The plan will then be that Trisha will move into Derek’s two-bedroom apartment at the scheme.

Billie Fryer, Housing Manager at Seagrave Court comments: “Trisha and Derek’s story is the perfect example of how finding the right living environment can have such a significant impact on your life. Trisha was adamant that in her late fifties, she just wasn’t ready for a nursing home setting and she has done a magnificent job of turning her life around. At Housing 21 we have care staff on hand 24 hours a day, which offers the security of our residents knowing that a staff member is always on site. The couple have access to lots of activities to keep them active and they are able to attend them regardless of any weather conditions as they are all in-house. Any trips we organise are accessible to all regardless of disability and mobility issues – this all adds real value to our residents’ lives. We are thrilled that Derek and Trisha have found love and both of their families are very happy for them.

“They say that you are never too old to fall in love, you only live once so you need to grab happiness whilst you can. We can’t wait for our first Seagrave wedding – once Covid-19 restrictions are loosened.”

Nottingham Local News