Excitement builds as 1st egg of the season offers prospect of 40th chick for popular peregrine nest

As Nottingham Trent University and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust mark 20 years of collaboration to protect a peregrine nest perched high on the University’s Newton Building in Nottingham City Centre, the peregrine pair at the heart of the partnership have delivered their first egg of the 2021 nesting season.

The egg is believed to have arrived in the early hours of March 15th and whilst only time will tell if the egg will hatch, if it does, the emerging chick could be the 40th to fledge successfully from the nest site in the past two decades.

Whilst the partnership was initially formed simply to ensure that the peregrines, a Schedule 1 protected species, were safe and secure – with cameras introduced solely for security monitoring, the replacement of the original camera with high definition optics in 2012 opened up the view of the nest to people across the globe.

Speaking about the arrival of the 1st egg of 2021 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Head of Communications Erin McDaid said: “Every year our work with Nottingham Trent University to protect the peregrines brings new learning and challenges and for many years now we’ve been delighted to be able to share the highs and lows of the breeding season via the camera feed and we’re very excited at the prospect of seeing the 40th chick fledge in 2021.”

Whilst always popular with viewers locally and across the globe, the ability to view the nest provided solace for thousands of people during lockdowns in 2020 with the cameras generating over 500,000 views. Given the popularity of the nest last year and following a number of issues with the existing cameras, Nottingham Trent University has now invested in an upgraded suite of cameras for 2021 which will give people an even better view of nest.

Erin added: “We’re delighted that our partners at the university have been able to upgrade the cameras and this should give people an even better opportunity to follow the family this year. The location of the cameras is also pretty unique – many nest cams just point down into a nest box but the Newton cameras give great views across the city. We know that many people with links to Nottingham really enjoy seeing these amazing birds against the city centre backdrop. ”

More eggs are anticipated in the days ahead with hatching due in mid to late April depending on the number laid.

Anyone wishing to view the comings and goings in the nest can do so by visiting www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/peregrine-cam

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