Embracing the ‘new normal’: Outdoor Yoga and Mindfulness at Sherwood Pines

With many sports and hobbies coming back in dribs and drabs as restrictions ease over the next few months, many people are looking for something new and embracing this idea of the ‘new normal.’ 

Local yoga teacher Becky Lovatt of The Humble Warrior Community Yoga Studio in Tibshelf and Life Coach Cadi Lambert of Shine Life Coaching in Radcliffe on Trent are no different. When COVID meant their businesses as wellbeing professionals was on uncertain terrain, they decided to launch a new venture together which takes yoga and mindfulness outside, into a COVID safe environment. 

With many outdoor recreational bodies reporting a high surge in people interested in outdoor activities, including stand up paddleboarding, walking, running and cycling, their love of the outdoors themselves, alongside the mental and physical benefits of being outside seemed to go hand in hand with the pairs wellbeing businesses. 

“With so much uncertainty around when things will re-open in terms of indoor yoga sessions in my case, I decided I wasn’t willing to wait to get back to face to face teaching. I’ve spoken to many women in particular who are really struggling to find time for themselves between working and childcare commitments. Exercise classes are largely dominated by the female market, and many females don’t enjoy exercising on their own – they miss the connection. Just allowing gyms to open with no exercise classes has been a real blow for many women” Said Becky, a yoga teacher from Tibshelf.

“By taking yoga outdoors, into the beautiful Sherwood Pines, we’re giving people that opportunity to still connect, practice yoga and take time for themselves within the COVID guidelines. Supported by the Forestry Commission, we’re hoping this will become a partnership which will help many people through these next few months as they re-adjust to this ‘new normal’ we’re all speaking of.”

The first session outdoor yoga and mindfulness session is due to take place on the 15th May at 11am, and lasts for 3 hours. The session will include outdoor yoga within the forest, as well as a guided mindfulness walk, led by qualified Life Coach Cadi, of Shine Life Coaching. 

Cadi said, “We want to share the joy and peace which being outdoors brings us with others. Giving them new ways to connect with themselves and with nature.

“These sessions are suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to bring calm and clarity to a busy mind.”

Sessions are booked on a first come, first served basis and are limited to 6 spaces per event to comply with COVID guidance and provide an intimate, supportive environment. The full 3 hour session including tuition and equipment where necessary is £18 per person. More dates will hopefully be announced soon – keep an eye on the Humble Warrior website for further details. 

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