Deliveroo Rider Receives Award For Heroic Efforts Over Covid-19

A rider from Nottingham has been recognised by Deliveroo for her efforts to go the extra mile for her local community during the Covid-19 crisis, after the company today announced the winners of its annual Rider Awards 2020.

Aja Aguirre is a semi-professional footballer for Nottingham Forest. Her football season came to an abrupt end due to the virus, and she was unable to return home to Canada as her mother is shielding there. She began working with Deliveroo at the start of lockdown, and felt joy in being able to help people safely get fed – particularly international students that are stuck in the UK and older people that cannot cook for themselves.

With her season over, Aja has spent all her new and unexpected free time raising money for charitable causes. Her team have raised over £1000 for the NHS, and Aja has also participated in a 100 km running challenge in May in order to raise money for the Darby Rimmer Foundation.

This year, Deliveroo is celebrating riders who have demonstrated heroism and helped improve the lives of others in their local community during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this time of uncertainty, the winning riders have demonstrated how they have played a vital role during the pandemic as key workers and gone above and beyond to support and provide for vulnerable members of their community. 

Beyond this, many more Deliveroo riders complete extraordinary acts of service every day. They often go out of their way to help others, and the Rider Awards present Deliveroo with the chance to celebrate all their achievements. In their own way, all Deliveroo riders are heroes in their communities.

Deliveroo CEO and founder Will Shu said: “Our riders are heroes and at the heart of everything we do. They have worked tirelessly this year to provide for and support their local communities, and have proved themselves to be invaluable during the Covid-19 crisis. We are very proud of all they have achieved and the enormous contribution they make to people’s daily lives.” 

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