Southwell Themed Sunday Markets

Southwell Targeted Sunday MarketsSouthwell Market to stage special targeted sunday markets

Exciting New plan for Southwell Sunday Markets

As reported in the The Bramley newspaper plans are afoot to extend the current Market Square timetable to include key date specialist Southwell Sunday markets.

The Market Square where the specialised themed Southwell Sunday Markets will take place

Image of Southwell Market Square

The planned dates for Sunday Markets in 2018 will be:

  • Sunday 13 May – at this market gardeners, allotment holders and garden services to sell their products and services. From seedlings to plants, reconditioned tools, and garden equipment.
  • Sunday 01 July – for schools, preschools, families, community and youth groups – such as scouts and girl guides. Their stalls will be selling preloved toys, books, games and clothes, including pre-owned school uniforms.
  • August Bank Holiday – will feature ceramics.
  • Late Night Shopping Night in November – featuring items to enhance the festivities of Christmas.

The Bramley newspaper article also lists what the regular 30 traders to the Southwell Markets on Thursday and Saturday offer  to visitors:

  • High quality fresh fruit and vegetable, meats and fish, mostly supplied by local producers.
  • Deli food and savories.
  • Cheeses nuts, biscuits, cakes and sweets.
  • Pet foods.
  • Toiletries.
  • Shoes and boots.
  • Cut flowers and plants.
  • Haderdashery and soft furnishings.
  • Pantry essentials.

Comments from Town Council members about the Southwell Sunday Markets

Town councillors commented as follows in regard to the Sunday Markets – as reported in The Newark Advertiser:

Town councillor Mrs Beryl Prentice is chairman of the committee responsible for the market.“It is a lovely area and we want it to be used for more community events,” she said.

The first specialist market will be a week on Sunday, from 2pm-4pm, on a Green Fingers And Gardens theme.

Mrs Prentice said they hoped keen gardeners who had seedlings to spare or garden equipment they no longer needed would come along and sell them on the market. “We have been in touch with allotment holders and the gardening club and hope people will come along and support the event,” she said.

Council chairman Mr Andy Gregory said the council wanted to use the space to help promote groups and for it to be used by people in Southwell. “There are a lot of ideas for the Market Square and how it can be used,” he said. “This is one of the initiatives led by the committee, which is looking at how to develop the area and what happens there.”

Assistant clerk Karen Green said the council was keen to maintain traditional market values and encourage local shopping. “The idea of the specialist markets arose from the innovative thinking of the council,” she said.

‘The Market Square is a beautiful area’


Tina Bettison, who recently opened Beloved@thebarn art gallery, said she felt any project that brought more people into Southwell and encouraged visitors to come and shop was a good idea. “The Market Square is a beautiful area and it would be lovely if more use was made of it,” she said. “The more that people are encouraged to come into Southwell and support local businesses the better.”



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