Channel 4 are looking for Nottingham residents to star in The Dog House TV series

The popular Channel 4 series, ‘The Dog House’ is back. The series is made with Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Cambridgeshire who specialise in matching their rescue dogs with would-be owners. 

The Dog House follows this process, getting to know the characters and histories of the rescue dogs, an array of people from different walks of life and watching the beginnings of brand-new relationships between them. 

They said, “We are currently looking for people who are thinking of taking the amazing step of welcoming a rescue dog into their home and would like to be matched with the perfect dog for them.

“We’d love to hear from anyone, whether that is families, couples or people who live alone who would be open to sharing their various reasons for wanting to adopt a dog. This could be anything from loneliness or extra company for a child to encouraging exercise or just helping to live in the moment more. “


Dogs can be so beneficial for mental health, physical health or comfort following a loss and the staff at Wood Green are committed to matching their homeless dogs with hopeful dog owners. 


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