Can you help Jessie get back on her paws?

Chris Cholerton from Nuthall is desperately appealing for help after his beloved dog Jessie became seriously ill in February.

Jessie is a 2-year-old French bulldog who loves playing ball and dressing up.

On Wednesday 17th February, Jessie’s owners woke up to find their usually lively dog panting heavily and struggling to stand on her back legs. She appeared to be in great pain.

Chris said, “We rushed her to the emergency vets that morning who told us it was urgent and we needed to go see a specialist in Derby at Pride Veterinary as they suspected IVDD.

“Jessie went in for consultation and had a suspected slipped disc in her back but needed a MRI to confirm, she also had no sensation in her rear legs so she’s effectively paralysed and didn’t have a good chance at life without an operation.

“MRI results came back as slipped disc and heavy deep bruising around the spine which needs an operation to try and rectify which confirmed it to be IVDD.

“The vet explained to us that it’s a very risky operation and only 50% chance of ever being able to walk again.

“We had to take the chance and give her the best possible chance at life.

“Jessie had the operation the same day and went as expected. It’s very early days and it’s still unknown if she will ever walk again.”

To help with the extremely expensive vet bills, Jessie’s owners started a GoFundMe page and is appealing for help.

Chris did have pet insurance, but due to coronavirus, times became tough so they had to cut back on some bills for a while. The pet insurance plan was re-instated this year but it didn’t begin until after Jessie became ill so unfortunately they’re having to manage the full cost of the medical bills themselves.

The cost of Jessie’s treatments is expected to exceed £10,000.

Chris continued, “Any help would be greatly appreciated to see Jessie have the life she once had, no matter how small donation even 50p could help long term.”

If you would like to donate to help Jessie’s vet bills and aid in her recovery or you would like to keep updated in her recovery, please visit:

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