Breast or Beast by Carole Ellis at Nottingham Society of Artists

Breast Cancer – my visual story

An extraordinary and compelling exhibition depicting the breast cancer journey is on show in Nottingham.  Carole Ellis is a breast cancer survivor and Nottingham based artist who received an award from The Arts Council, England to produce an abstract portfolio of work on this important subject which touches so many lives.

The “Breast or Beast” collection comprises 37 pieces which are hugely diverse incorporating her favoured medium of fluid art along with sculpture, 3D, resin, reflections, and illumination.

The starting point of the patient’s journey is health and the stations along the route include concern, investigation, diagnosis, treatment, survival, and death.

The display concludes by embracing the non-selective nature of the disease, the fact that it is a global phenomenon, and pays tribute to the medics, carers, scientists, and researchers.

Carole was inspired not just from personal experience but was aided by her husband, Professor Ian Ellis, a pathologist, and globally revered breast cancer specialist who was clearly able to answer questions and provide the science which played a significant part in supplementing the creative process.

Carole says, “I felt privileged to receive the Arts Council award and wanted to do it justice. It afforded me the freedom to explore and discover, break new ground and experiment, and I have had the creative time of my life. It has consumed my every waking moment for 6 months and I believe it is unique and engaging. Whilst the subject itself is gritty and serious, my work is not – it is full of colour, movement, and energy with a message to the viewer in every piece. I am living proof of the value of early diagnosis and if just one person is influenced to act because of my exhibition, I will have accomplished my objective. Please pop in and let me know what you think. “


Location: Nottingham Society of Artists, 71 Friar Lane, Nottingham NG1 6DH

Private View: Monday 5th September 2022 4-8pm  (media to confirm attendance)

Public exhibition: 6th  – 8th September 10am – 6.00pm

9th– 10th September 10am – 8.00pm

11th September 10am – 4.00pm


Carole Ellis

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